Proyecto Capital
Financial inclusion opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean
A woman who saves is a life that changes lifes.

What is Proyecto Capital?

Proyecto Capital supports the implementation of public policies that link social protection with inclusion in the financial system in Latin America and the Caribbean, by promoting the use of savings accounts in the formal financial system to complement Conditional Cash Transfer programs in the region.

Proyecto Capital’s long-term goal is to promote equitable civic inclusion and social protection with productive development. The project aims to increase poor families’ human, social, financial and physical assets while facilitating effectiveness (good governance) and efficiency, as well as economic growth and promotion of dynamic markets.

Proyecto Capital’s goal for the next five years is to accompany public agencies that are implementing models for including low-income families and individuals in the financial system and helping them increase their capital through access to and periodic use of savings accounts and subsequent access to a range of financial services. These experiences will make it possible to perfect public policies for reducing poverty and exclusion.